Golf Tip of the Day!

Geoffrey Dean, PGA Instructor at SilverRock Resort


Errant golf shots are usually basic “fundamental” errors and not huge monumental occurances in the swing.  Many of my students have great talent, but need to improve basic fundamentals.  As they increase practice time ALL get positive results.


Here’s a common error that you can fix TODAY!


A very common error when hitting the golf ball is head movement (or spine angle shift).  Most golfers, even the best in the world, sometimes allow their heads to shift or slide toward the target and past the ball during impact.  If you allow your head to move past the ball, it will trigger a host of physical responses and the typical result is a weak, push or slice to the right (right-handers).

How do you fix it?  Simply, WATCH THE BALL!

Yes, concentrate on watching the BACK of the golf ball until you can either see the ball being hit at impact or that you realize the ball is gone…Then look up. 

What does this do for you? This will force you to rotate your body better through impact as well as to release the club squarely on the ball and to have better extension of the arms at impact and beyond.

Give it a shot!  and let me know how it turned out.  Send me a comment anytime!

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Happy Golfing!

Geoffrey Dean, PGA 


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