Golf Tip of the Day!

Golf Tip of the Day

February 16, 2011

When playing golf, the weather can often be very difficult to deal with.  In the winter a player can experience every kind of inclement weather.  Depending on your location, you can experience sun, rain, hail and snow all in one day.  I have even experienced this in southern California.


In the summer, you can experience extreme heat, humidity and rain.

One such element that seems to affect every round of golf at all times of the year, is WIND.  Where I am in the southern California desert, it could be in the morning or the evening, the wind seems to always blow.  Naturally, wind patterns vary from place to place, but sooner or later it will find you and your golf game.


So, how does one battle the wind?  There are several good tips on how to battle the wind and here they are:

First and foremost, the wind is going to test your patience and your physical strength, so be patient and never try to over power mother nature.


You should always take one or two clubs more (depending on the severity of the wind maybe 3 or 4) and swing the club easier.   It is imperative to establish good rhythm and timing…so “when it’s breezy, swing it easy”!


You may want to take a slightly wider stance for stability…especially when putting.


Allow for cross winds to affect your ball flight and aim accordingly.

Everyone like the wind to blow toward the target, but be careful because the ball spins less going down wind and you will have a harder time stopping the ball.


Know that on a really windy day, par may be a few strokes higher than normal…so pace yourself and if your scores go up a little, not to worry.  Everyone will be have a tough day out there!


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