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A Coach is an individual who helps to empower people to move positively toward their desired destination from their current place.

Who are my Students ?

My students are women, men and juniors who have a desire to play this great game of golf.  Regardless of your experience, skill-set or athletic ability, I seek to assist you.

Junior Golfer: (17 years and younger)  I encourage ALL JUNIOR GOLFERS to join my golf development program. My program is based on 3 pillars – your golf skills, physical fitness and player management skills.  My program is designed for the beginner as well as the avid junior golfer who wants to take their game to the highest levels in Middle School, High School, College and beyond.

Beginner:  The golfer who has never picked up a club or it’s been so long since you have played, it’s like starting over.
Higher Handicap: The player who doesn’t get a chance to play that often and has trouble breaking 100.
Intermediate:  The golfer that has worked hard, developed some skills and can shoot 90 to 82.
Low Handicap:  The advanced player that shoots anywhere from 81 to 71, competes regularly and is looking to fine-tune his or her skills to improve overall scoring.
Tournament Player:  the golfer (professional or amateur) who shoots par or better on a regular basis and is looking to fine-tune his or her skills, set up a training program for in-competition and off-season, and to optimize club technology for peak performance.


Overview and purpose of putter designs
Putting Stroke Fundamentals
Individual stroke analysis (video/computer)
Green reading techniques
Practice drills

Short Game (Chipping, Pitching, Lob and Sand shots)
Overview of wedges design and purpose
Techniques for chipping, pitching, lob and sand shots
Shot analysis (video/computer)
Practice drills

Driver/Tee Shots -
Learning how to get the ball off the Tee and into play.  Topics will cover how to hit it longer and how to hit it straighter.


Through the Bag
Develop a DYNAMIC routine for playing on-course.
Establish a pre-shot routine, visualization, set-up and execution of golf shots
Skills acquisition
Analysis of: golf shots relating to mental, emotional, physical

On-Course Lesson
On-course assessment of YOUR total golf game! Driving, approaches, short game, strategy, emotional management.


Golf Flexibility, Strength, Mobility
Physical Assessment and Training routine based on needs and capabilities of the student.


Pre-Shot Fundamentals (Dean’s-7- static positions)
Training to Develop Physical & Mental awareness of 7-key body/club positions. Stance to the follow-through.

In-Swing Fundamentals (Kenetic Sequencing)
Develop and execute the full-swing based on student ability and awareness of
Dean’s 7- static positions

Club Fitting
In order to maximize your golf game, you must be fit for the right equipment for you.  Receive a thorough analysis of your current equipment, swing speed, swing path and face angles through impact.  Based on findings, receive a prescription of what’s optimal for you.



Valued Price

Single Lesson
1 student

Series (3)
1 Student

Single Lesson
2 Students

Series (3)
2 Students

Each Session
60 to 90 minutes





Each Playing Lesson
90 to 120 minutes

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