Golf Instruction

August 16, 2011

Golf Training Aids

Golf Thought of the day!

                                          “Golf Training Good for Golf, Good For Life”

As you see above, there are specific training aids to assist a golfer improve their swing and ultimately improve their golf games.  If you have ever played golf, you know that it can be a daunting task to become a good player.  It can feel overwhelming at times trying to figure out the swing, all it’s parts and then how to apply it to “playing ” the game.
One very good way to overcome the challenges of the game is to break it down into pieces…separate the parts if you will!  As a golf instructor, it is much easier to convey small pieces of the puzzle with a student, than to show the “whole” swing and let them go at it.  When studying small parts of the swing and perfecting them, not only are you developing good habits, but you are also establishing positive, attainable success stories that will help you achieve success in the “big picture”….the overall swing.
As in life, it can be overwhelming at times…especially if you try to solve everything at once.  So, set an overall plan.  Break it down into little mini-parts, create an action plan and ACT on it!  In a short time, you will look up and have achieved “The Big Picture”.

Geoffrey Dean, PGA Golf Instructor








Good luck in your endeavors…in Golf and in Life!!!